IF... conditional (2)

Gap-fill exercise

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The second conditional is used for expressing HYPOTHETICAL situations or situations and things that are NOT REAL.

One clause uses a PAST form of a verb, and the other clause usually uses WOULD.

1. If I (have) one million pounds, I buy a red ferrari.
2. If I (be) invisible, I drive people crazy opening and closing doors.
3. If I (can) speak perfect English, I go travelling around the world.
4. If I (have) 15 brothers and 14 sisters, I start a football team.
5. If someone (give) me a free ticket into space, I n't go.

You can also put the WOULD in the first clause and the PAST form in the second clause.

6. I buy my shopping for 3 weeks, if I (have) a 500 euro voucher to spend in Auchan.
7. I become rich, move to Spain and live a happy life, if I (have) three wishes.
8. I do 250 km/hour down the motorway, if I (have) a ferrari.
9. I swim to England if I (can) swim.
10. I design a webpage if I (can) use a computer.